Kitchen must haves.

The calendar may say its September 21, but living here in Southern California has taught me not pay must attention this.  We are experiencing temperatures that are reminiscent of August, in any event, I love to fill the house with nose filling yumminess.  I look forward to this time of year when I able to scout the produce isle in the farmers markets and bring home a bounty of veggies along with certain cuts of proteins.  Sometimes the tougher the cut, the better the outcome.  

One of the kitchen must haves would be a large stock pot in order to create these dishes in.  My favorite one is the Le Creuset dutch oven, not only can you bench press with it, but it has a tight fitting lid that will help self baste your soups and stews.  No stirring necessary, however I don't recommend this.  These vessels are slow to warm but once you've reached the proper temperature stand back and watch the magic happen.  

I usually take fresh herbs and tie them with a string, with a longer one at the end so I can tie it right to the handle and it's easier to fish out later.

Brown my proteins after drying them with paper towels. Season them well with salt and pepper then brown them in some neutral oil as canola or veggie.  Remove them to a plate and follow this with all the veggies, adding just a little more salt and pepper.  At this point you can wine to deglaze the pan, followed by a homemade stock.  Return all the meat to dutch oven, cover with the lid, and either place in the oven or simply leave to simmer on the stove.  Simmer until fork tender, about 2-3 hours at a low temperature in the oven (around 325-350).

Ideas for proteins:

Short ribs

Beef cubes






Red wine

Beef Stock

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