Chef Rose Goldberg developed her passion for cooking as a child during her summers spent with relatives in Sicily. At a young age she learned to tend the wood ovens and was soon baking her family bread each morning. In the hills near Palermo she picked herbs, fruits, and vegetables when they were ready and needed, and learned the importance of fresh ingredients. While Chef Rose is an outstanding teacher she has never stopped learning either; she continues to take classes and work with other chefs - both in the States and abroad - to sharpen her culinary skills. She enjoys incorporating different ingredients and techniques throughout the seasons to keep her classes fresh and to allow her students to develop their personal style. There is always a new recipe awaiting discovery!

Gathering around the table enriches our soul while nourishing our body.  And nothing makes Chef Rose happier than when family and friends gather to share a meal.  She wants to inspire everyone to feel that sense of delight when the meal they are enjoying was created with their own hands.


She utilizes only the freshest ingredients from local farms or her backyard garden.  As she learned on the hillsides in Sicily, this is when food truly comes alive with flavor.  

Rose has owned her own Bakery and helped launch Williams-Sonoma's cookbook club in Colorado.  She has taught in her Home Cooking Studio and in private venues throughout Southern California. More recently, Chef Rose conducted a personal cooking class for a world-renowned athlete who asked her to serve as his family's personal Chef, a role she held until her move to the Dallas-Plano area.  She also has an infinite collection of fine and aged wines, and has the ability to help you pair wines with your newfound cooking abilities. 

Its Your Kitchen blends Rose's philosophy to make the best of what is at your disposal with an empowering approach.   "Its your kitchen - you don't need to follow a recipe, you can do whatever you want!" She encourages her students to be creative and take risks, and most importantly to enjoy the process of cooking. 

Her move to the Dallas-Plano area makes Chef Rose's classes accessible to you. You have the opportunity to learn from this approachable master! Don't delay.